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Thread: Uefi / bios

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    Thumbs up Uefi / bios

    Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uefi

    The old and trusty BIOS as we know it will change dramatically from next year.

    With a GUI and much faster handshake/POST this is going to be of interest to the PC enthusiast. - getting closer to 'instant on' PC's

    Personally I welcome it, I just hope anti virus and anti Malware progs cover the UEFI or I see some problems ahead.

    I think MSI (?) Are making all future mobo's UEFI compatible. I'm gonna guess there will be motherboards with a dual BIOS

    feature until this is mainstream, hope so.

    In swedish. Demo of the GUI on UEFI

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    Some new mobo's already have UEFI now, heres a few demos

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    where i shouldnt be, doing what i shouldn't be doing
    aww im going to miss the cluncky old BIOS
    its like an annoying old friend

    however it would be nice to speed up my POST
    Im flashed to a tweked BIOS for this board to let it run this HEX core ive got
    sometimes its a little slow through POST, in fact now ive put an SSD in POST/boot is slower than the win7 boot
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