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Thread: Forum Conduct

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    where i shouldnt be, doing what i shouldn't be doing

    Please Read Forum Conduct

    While happy to hear the voices and opinions of all members of timeless;
    we do want to make sure any discussion of topics remains friendly as possible and does not lead to offence.
    with this in mind we would ask

    In the shout-box and forums

    No swearing/abuse > There's really no excuse for this, the forum will automatically edit any offensive language, and we would ask that you do not try to get around this. we can and will moderate offensive language.

    Racist / Sexist / Homophobic posts > There is no excuse for bigotry of any kind, and there is no place for it on our forums. WE WILL delete any offensive posts of this kind.

    Personal attacks > Please don't attack or abuse other members, even if you feel attacked by them. be the bigger person. posts attacking (or thought to be attacking) other members will be subject to moderation. If you are concerned with the behaviour of another member please inform one of the administrators / moderators by PM and we will do our best to help.

    Posting of links / attachments > Please refrain from posting links / attachments in the public forums that are pornographic / sexually explicit in nature or liable to cause offence to other members. (this includes avatars and signatures)

    Advertisements > We have no problem with discussions or links to other communities or clans and in fact we encourage those in order to bring the gaming community closer together. However we will delete any solicitation / direct links or advertising to paid services that have not been agreed/sanctioned with the sites administrators. (this includes avatars and signatures)

    New Threads > Please use the search function in the forum to see if a question / subject has been discussed before. If it has and you have a new opinion or information to share or discuss then post in that thread. We may 'merge' threads discussing the same topic occasionally to make the forums an easier place to navigate.

    Please post in the correct section > We will move any post made in incorrect sub-forums to where they should have been posted. really this is in you own interest as more people will read your thread if made in the correct part of the forum.

    Off Topic posts > There's no problem with banter, and indeed this is what can make a forum fun, however; persistent off topic and irrelevant posts in the same thread by individuals may have to be moderated. so we ask you not to overdo it as we don't want to offend by moving or deleting your posts.

    Finally, Have fun, we created timeless so gamers could get together, chat, discuss important (or non-important) topics and generally just have fun together.

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