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Thread: HOWTO: XFire In-game fix!

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    Exclamation HOWTO: XFire In-game fix!


    I got sick of not being able to use XFire in-game in BFBC2, and of Dax shouting at me to get on Steam or TS instead whenever I said something to him on XFire, so I looked up the solution on google.

    For all of you who cannot access the in-game features of XFire in Battlefield Bad Company 2, this is how you fix it:

    1. In your XFire main window, click Tools->Options...
    2. Go to the Games tab and wait for it to identify installed games.
    3. Select Battlefield Bad Company 2 in the list.
    4. Where it says "In-game renderer", set it to "D3D10", instead of "D3D9".
    5. Click apply, and then ok.

    Screenshot is attached.

    DONE! Enjoy.
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    Niiiice, thank you jiddomaaan

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    Thanks dax for pointing this thread out to me last night, and thanks to jiddo for posting. Finally got it working cheers

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