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Thread: About Us!

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    About Us!

    Timeless Gaming is a non-elitist community of gamers, mostly of the battlefield series, that is open to all, and promotes a friendly, fun environment on all of our servers.

    We are open to all, we have no entrance requirements on age, gender, skill, or any other factor that some clans/communities may push onto you. If you want to join,
    we will let you, simple as, no ifs, no buts, your in. The skill range across the admins alone is huge, I myself joined when i had a grand total of about 50 points in my
    2142 career (dont worry, I can kick your ass now ), ranging all the way to the other end of the spectrum, our old Supreme Commander EPoX, and Dam0n
    (rank ~450th) being amongst our ranks.

    We pride ourselves on clean, well admined servers, and do our best to make sure that everyone follows the rules, to allow a fun experience for all. We have over 40
    admins currently, and expand as and when we see it fit. We don't have any requirements for making admins, other than the fact that we chose you. Join on the forums
    and play on the servers, and who knows, you may be at the top one day.

    Both our players and admins come from all over the globe, our owner is generous to offer us the servers asking for nothing in return (though he would never turn down
    a donation). TimelessGaming wants servers full of players having fun, killing, and possibly more importantly, making new friends. We have members from; UK, France,
    Germany, Sweden, Finland, Greece, America and even the Faroe Islands just to name a few.

    The servers themselves are based in London, we currently have 12 Bad Company 2 servers operating (hosted on high spec machines)
    Our BC2 server 05 Oasis/harvest recently was the top server in the world and our other servers are also very popular (all within the top 3% of the thousands of servers worldwide)
    Our old Timeless Gibraltar used to be the rank #1 server on 2142 and Timeless Tampa and Suez were never been far behind.
    AT one point, all of our 2142 servers were ranked in the top 20 (At the time 6 servers).
    We feel the popularity of these servers, speaks something for the environment that we promote, and try our hardest to enforce.
    We make every effort we can to ensure our BC2 servers are up at the top of the popularity lists.

    We welcome clans on board at Timeless, though we are not a clan ourselves, we have admins from BGW and EKS amongst others. anyone is welcome to use any of our
    servers, any time they like, for as long as they like, provided they play within the rules, which are fair, simple, and clearly displayed.

    We appreciate any help from the community, we listen to them, and make decisions and action based on what they say. Though we have different levels of members
    (ranging from head admins, all the way down to regular members), we enjoy a lack of real structure, promoting a friendly, level playing feild for all members. It's not
    us and them, everyone has a chance to become an admin here, all you have to do is care and most importantly be yourself!

    With regards to the servers, we do operate a zero tolerance policy on any form of ROE breach, we catch you statspadding....your gone, forever. We catch you hacking....
    your gone, forever. In addition to being removed from our servers for these breaches, you will also be removed from (currently) the servers of 2 other communities.
    We log proof on each and every perm ban we make, and will happily present it to the banned party (and the other 2 communities) on request. We have around 1000
    blacklisted players for these incidents, and the number grows everyday.

    Hackers beware, if you use hacks on our servers, you will, i repeat, will, be caught, every second you play, is a second closer to that ban. In the interests of fairness,
    every ban appeal that appears on the forum, is treated with dignity and respect, we will present our side of the argument, and allow you to present yours, as long as
    you remain civil and polite. (We don't tolerate morons/people who see it fit to make threats to us)

    We don't stop at battlefield, we are looking to expand for the future, we aren't sure where we will end up, so we won't make any promises, but if the head admins feel
    it will be popular, and that Timeless will be able to fill servers, you will probably find us there at some point.

    So if you want a clean fun set of servers to have as your home, or even just a break from admining your own servers for an evening, why not come and visit us on
    the servers, or come and make some friends at the forums, we have TS3 server available to anyone who wishes to play on our servers, or just hang out.
    (although most admins use TeamSpeak3)

    If you have any issues at all on the servers, drop by our shoutbox, and tell us about it, we want to know about it!

    Gaming aside, we have an active forum, seeking new members of all kinds, we dont have a limit on the numbers of members we want, we will simply adapt to
    accommodate. Currently the members of the forum enjoy things such as sharing youtube videos, talking about films, supporting each other in every way possible. We
    have a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts, from all areas of everything; we have games programmers, students, management officials in several business, healthcare workers,
    and a good few PC 'geeks'. If any of our regulars have any questions at all, on any topic we will do our best to answer them, and help them out. We have solved many
    PC related issues for members, ranging from hardware to punkbuster. Heck, the guys there even pretty much chose my PC for me .

    So have fun, happy gaming, and hope to see you on the Timeless battlefields and website!

    Dax and all the admins at Timeless!
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