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Thread: L4D2 update fixes auto-spawning in Versus; Infected Team gets bots

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    L4D2 update fixes auto-spawning in Versus; Infected Team gets bots

    Valve has released information on an upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 update currently in the slow cooker, and it will remove the multiplayer auto-spawn in Versus Mode and provide the Infected Team with bots to help out when they’re one man down.

    Expected to be released for PC and Xbox 360 in “the coming weeks”, the update will include new DLC called The Passing.
    The addition of bots will make “1v1 Versus a bit more fun”, writes Valve, and the removal of auto-spawning was due to a single survivor having only a 34.56 percent chance of escaping.

    “That includes the Concert Finale in “Dark Carnival”, which boasts close to a 50 percent escape rate (and yes, a fix for everyone’s favorite cheese spot is coming),” says the blog. “Remove the Concert Finale, and we see the average drop to 29.61 percent.

    “With these figures in mind, when we make changes, we can measure the difference and see how much the change impacted the balance”.As far as The Passing is concerned, Valve says voice actors for it will be recorded soon, with “suit-wearing zombie killer” Nick, played by Hugh Dillon, heading into the studio first.

    No word on when it is expected, but you can find out a bit more through here. The last update, issued back in December, fixed hit boxes and tweaked crouching, and the defibrillator around a bit.

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    Well, tell me when the damn lag that appeared with the first patch disappears, then I'm up for a game again :/

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