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Thread: Read me FIRST

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    Exclamation Read me FIRST

    If you need any kind of admin help.
    Plz try to contact an admin in the shout box first,
    if you cant find help there then post a thread here.

    This section is for members who wish to report issues or ask a question to the administrators or game admins

    Click to ask a question/post a new thread


    If you want to report a cheat
    you are in the wrong part of the forum, please click below and read the thread

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    29/04/2045 18:49 <Goatlord> @Archade, admins are in gold, ubers in orange and uberultrasexmachines in Faceless' colour.
    30/05/2010 17:35 <kurk_will_mutiny> Faceless, kick someone so I can grace the server with my brilliance.
    24/08/2010 23:56 <Dax> im me, theres not much more to say, forum mod, server admin, alround awesome person

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