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Thread: Racial abuse throughout the game

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    Racial abuse throughout the game


    I'm not sure how I should go about doing this.

    I've attached a screenshot of a guy hurling racial abuse throughout the game to various players (my assumption is when he dies).

    This is on the Timeless BF4 24/7 Operation Locker server.

    Also a side note: I'm curious as to how often admins play on this server? Things like this is very common here, and I think a really good suggestion is perhaps for admins to try and become more active on this server (periodic check-ups, or playing), I've been playing this server for quite a while now, and have only seen admins occasionally come and go.


    Proof (Imgur)

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    Hello Sutton,

    thank you for your report. I searched in our database and couldn't find him. Maybe it was offline or the player renamed him/herself. Looking at some battlereports of him, I would get angry too

    We have admins online every now and then. Not every admin is known to players, so that noone can tell when it's possible to break the rules without getting kicked/banned immediately.

    Kind regards
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