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Thread: Teamspeak

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    Hi all!

    I took quick search and couldn't find answer.

    What's wrong with our Teamspeak? After latest update it doesn't work anymore. It's frustrating to look for older TS versions and install a software that's not supported anymore. Are you having a same issue? On the other hand does it make sense to pay for the service that's replaceable with free software like Discord? I Found you've already discussed about discord here few years ago, but what was the outcome?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Edit: here's one solution to fix the problem https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/...d-for-command)

    Looks like this problem occurs every now and then when TS gets update. Imo it's totally piece of junk.

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    No worky again for me too.

    Ripper has a discord server running. I too have one up which we use when TS is down.
    Maybe worth starting a list of our discord names so we can see who is online and join their voip server if you want too.

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    I think we should give discord a try. But before we do so, we schould create a small tutorial, because discord can use a lot of the bandwith, so you have to change the settings a little bit in order to don't have any major lags. I also have a discord server running I use with colleagues and classmates, whenever we play together. You can also create a lot of diffrent roles, so it should be no big problem to manage or administrate the serer easily aside.
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