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Thread: BF4 Server Timeless 03 switched off > new maps?

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    BF4 Server Timeless 03 switched off > new maps?


    we switched off our BF4 Server Timeless 03.

    we run the newest Maps on this server and i think they not bad at all, specialy the outbreak one.
    what about we adding operation outbreak cq on Timeless 01 additional to the china rising maps?
    if we add the map, should we setup mapvote on the servers instead of the current map rotation?

    i add Outbreak on chain link on timeless 04 already
    what ya think?

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    lol, maybe we shouldnt had told them anything then, night map and new map are quite nice,
    thx for adding it to 04, if we can slide them into 01 or even 02 would be nice imo,
    if it starts to have less ppl we remove then


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    not a bad idea try one round of each first

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    Can we have two rounds of Lumphini Gardens on 04 so it has the same number of rotations as every other map please
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