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Thread: New Invisible Stealth tank

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    leave the dead in their graves you pervert
    Y U No give me cookies ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    Hail to the King of Cookies
    ruddy double XP events... it's like as if EA has it's period: Every month for a few days all you get is sh1t

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarHead View Post
    Dude! You have got to be the undisputed king of gravedigging. 7 month old thread! Give it a break, huh? You are welcome to read through old threads as a new member, but it is considered bad form to add pointless comments and bring the thread back to the top of the forum. Other members don't remember every subject line and waste their time opening what they think is a new thread, only to find an old subject with nothing of value added to a closed topic. You'll notice the date is only when the latest post is made....yours! It also causes current active thread discussions to be pushed off the first page. You've been all over the forum since joining, doing this. Please.....stop.

    Found this thing to be particularly funny/aggressive :P But IŽll leave em be :P
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