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Thread: BF4 Server rules

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    BF4 Server rules

    1. No cheating

    Our Definition:

    Cheating: The use of any known In-Game Glitch or artificial means of altering your in-game performance
    (see also Stats padding which is a type of cheating)
    Our Response:
    Cheating/hacking/glitching is an EA TOC/RoE violation
    We take a very hard line with all cheats and are very successful at keeping cheats off our servers
    We share information with other communities and clans about cheating players

    If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned from all our servers
    AND could find yourself banned from many other communities/clans servers aswell

    2. No StatsPadding

    Our Definition:

    Stats padding: is the act of receiving undeserved points due to abnormal and unhelpful game play or in the spirit of the game
    ie Stat padding is artificially boosting your points without playing the game normally
    The end result is that this tactic allows the player to accumulate statistics kept by the game at a greater rate than normal play

    * 3 players away from the front line of the battle killing then reviving over and over to gain points ribbons etc.
    Our Response:
    Stats padding is an EA TOC/RoE violation
    We take a very hard line with stats padders

    Minor offenses such as Defib abuse may lead to you being warned / killed / kicked/ temporary banned
    Serious episodes of stats padding will lead to you being permanently banned from all our servers

    3. No Spawnkilling Or Baserape

    Our Definition:

    Spawn killing: killing a player who has just spawned, normally in an uncap base
    ie spawning as an attacker on RUSH or either Un-Cap base in CQ; hence not giving that player the opportunity of a fair fight
    May also be defined on RUSH as a spawning defender where an attacker solely attacks players spawning at the back of the defenders bases without attempting to destroy -or cover attackers attempting to destroy - MCOM's

    Base rape: the act of attacking/entering/shooting into a enemy Un-Cap base (or in rush a attackers captured base) in order to spawn kill.
    normally means a player/players/team have entered the enemy base and are killing spawning players.
    OR is preventing recently spawned players from leaving the base by killing them (in base) before they have a chance to enter the fight at the flags/MCOM's

    *An individual OR Several members of a team enter the enemy base and kill several players they find there (base rape)
    *An individual OR Several members of a team enter the enemy base and kill one or more spawning players (spawn kill +base rape)
    *An individual OR Several members of a team camp the edge of the base and kill players before they engage in combat (base rape)
    *An individual snipes into the spawn areas of the base from outside the base killing players (spawn kill)
    *Using mortar strikes on base (base rape +/- spawn kill)
    *A player who enters a base and kills the base-camping sniper is NOT spawn killing (as the sniper is camping) BUT IS base raping as they have directly attacked the base.
    *Defending bases on RUSH, (you can only spawn kill in a defending base on rush if you make no attempt to attack MCOM's and just kill spawning players = stats padding)
    *All flags that can be captured on CQ. spawn killing ONLY counts in a uncap base
    *A player outside the base shooting/killing a base-camping sniper is NOT spawn killing (as the sniper is camping) and is NOT base raping as the player is not attempting to attack flags/MCOM's.
    Our response:
    In Battlefield 4 we do not consider it fair play to attack the Un-Cap (or RUSH captured) bases.
    We consider ANY base attack to be attempted spawn killing.
    We consider ALL spawn killing to be attempted stats padding

    You may Be Warned, killed, Kicked, or temporarily Banned for base rape /spawn killing

    Maps can be found here------------->https://www.timelessgaming.com/timel...751#post129751

    4. No Abuse OR Excessive Swearing

    Our Definition:

    Abuse: Verbally attacking another player or players in In-Game chat
    ie Swearing directly at other players in order to offend them, accusing others of cheating without proof, specifically targeting or attempting to 'bully' other players.
    The use of Racist, sexist, homophobic, or other offensive terms in the ingame chat

    Excessive Swearing: Constant swearing that becomes irritating or offensive to other players
    note: swearing is part of the game, and is included in this 18+ game by EA/Dice
    However excessive swearing is not desirable on our servers, in particular; swearing directly at other IS abuse and will be treated as such.

    Our repose:
    Abusive behavior is an EA TOC/RoE violation

    You may Be Warned, Kicked, or temporarily Banned for abusive behavior or excessive swearing.
    You WILL be Permanently banned for the use of Bigoted language/abuse

    5. No Spoiling Game play

    Our Definition:

    Spoiling Game play: is an attempt to interfere with or disrupt the normal running of the server
    OR play of other players on the server
    OR unfair play that spoils the experience of other players on the server.

    *Deliberate ramming (ie jet into other jet or tank)
    *Continous Team switching
    *Intentional / persistent team killing
    *Getting to areas of the game map that give a "unfair" advantage to the team, That were not origionaly intended ( but not prohibited by map design),
    The server admins reserve the right to Kill, kick or ban players from these areas in the interest of fair game play.
    *Heli/Jet Steeling.. No entering the Uncap Bases for the sole purpose of taking the Heli or Jet,
    *Vehicle Camping where the opposition can not attack you (Red zone/base area) this includes any vehicle. This includes ( but not limited to ) Attack Heli, attack boats AA etc...
    or co-op Steeling IE clan members or friends on opposite teams taking the Heli/Jet and "delivering" it to the other team
    *Any action intended to spoil play for other players EG refusing copilots/gunners for personal gain (admin defined)
    *Failing to follow In-Game instructions given by admins or server messages

    For clarification

    The area shown in red is the no go area. On the ground you will get the "countdown to Death" (unless in your base) BUT in an Air vehicle you won’t get this till much further out.

    Heli Camping

    This refers to the practice of hovering/playing in the red area.
    This Ares is NOT intended as an "AIR to Ground Attack" area but an "Air to Air" or a Turning/manoeuvring area.

    If you are seen/reported conducting Air to Ground attacks in this area you may find yourself Admin Killed, Kicked from the server or for persistent offenders banned for a time.

    Vehicle camping
    This refers to the practice of camping right at the edge of your base and may be dealt with in the same way as Heli Camping

    A boundary is a region of a Battlefield map where players are not supposed to enter. Boundaries serve to contain players within areas of a map chosen by map designers so they cannot wander away or exploit features that may not be properly modeled.
    There are typically two kinds of boundaries: a smaller one beyond which ground forces cannot cross, and a larger one beyond which aircraft are forbidden. The size of the boundary can change depending on how many players the map was designed, as can the location of spawn points, control points, and commander resources.

    Our response:
    We pride ourselves on smooth running servers and fun game play for players on the servers
    Where players choose to interfere with others play we will punish such actions.

    You may Be Warned, Kicked, or temporarily Banned for spoiling game play

    Persistent offenders
    Occasionally we find players that repeatedly choose to break our rules and are banned on several different occasions
    If you are banned for an offense on more than one occasion you may find your second/third/etc.. ban to be an extended one.

    Repeat offenses may be 1 week / 1 month bans.
    Excessive bans may lead to being permanently banned at the discretion of the Timeless Gaming administrators


    Undesirable Individuals
    We also reserve the right to remove anyone from our servers (either temporarily or permanently) who we do not wish to play on our servers.
    for example:
    Those who threaten timeless gaming or its members,
    Individuals who copy/steal our good name/moral rights,
    ALL Members of other clans communities who allow individual members to do the above,
    Anyone who we do not want to play on our servers for any valid reason given by our members (IE trolling the website/forum etc)


    SERVER RULES DISPLAYED IN GAME (different servers / different rules)

    - NO heli camping
    - NO Vehicle Camping in/over Main Base
    - NO Vehicle stealing from enemy main base
    - NO BASERAPING in enemy base !! Or you could get banned immediately
    - NO space for roof-/campers ! Go for the opjective !
    - Chat language = english only !
    - NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE !! Or you could get banned immediately
    - Never spoil other Players gameplay !!
    - NO Mortar ! NO Rockets on Infantry !

    for additional Rules Type !rules in game chat and watch always the in game messages!
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