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Thread: What are the BEST films in the World

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    What are the BEST films in the World

    Hi im looking for a list of really good, decent films to have a look at buying or renting/ see etc. and was wondering what films anyone could come up with. Age or genre of film doesnt matter, any good film will do.

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    Pitch Black / Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick / The Chronicles of Riddick


    Matrix Trilogy
    Batman Trilogy (with Christian Bale)

    .... and of course Star Trek I - XI (XI is really good, never thought that i would say that^^)

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    screen #1: Farenheit 451, 1984, equilibrium, In Time, Matrix trilogy, V for vendetta.
    screen #2: shawshank redemption,pearl harbour, the great escape, schindlers list, saving private Ryan, The deer hunter, Forrest Gump, Full metal jacket. The Eagle
    screen #3: 2001, Dune, Starwars(all of them), Startrek all of them, (especialy the voyage home), Blade Runner, Pitch black & Chronicles of Riddick
    Batman The Dark Knight (+trilogy)with(Christian bale), Terminator Salvation.
    screen #4: Lock stock & two smoking barrels, Fight club, Gran Torino.
    screen #5: lord of the rings trilogy, Harry Potter (why not someone has too), Pirates of the caribbean trilogy,
    screen #6: Nightmare before christmas, 9, the lorax, Men in black 3 ( ok maybe #1 aswell),
    screen #7: woman in black. The rite, Alien, The thing ( old one & I guess the newer one),
    screen #8: gone in 60 seconds, Fast & furious (all of them)

    ( well it's really up to what you would like)

    ok that will do for me for now,

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    Monsters Inc is the greatest film ever created (along with any other pixar film), I swear I'm an adult

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    The shining from 1997 (not the one from 1980 with Jack Nicholson)
    They made a mini series that is better imo.

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    The Riddick films ( wasn't Dark Fury the animated one)
    all the Alien films
    Star Trek
    B S G ( the origanal)

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    My five top favourite films are: Memento, The Shawshank Redemption, Alien, Pitch Black and Excalibur

    But I also highly recommend: Aliens (director's cut), Plunkett and Macleane, Event Horizon, Hellboy, The 13th Warrior, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Gattaca, The Usual Suspects, Leon, Dr Strangelove, Get Carter (the Caine original), The Thomas Crown Affair (the Brosnan remake), Withnail and I, Ice Cold in Alex, Where Eagles Dare, The Big Lebowski, The Rock, Broken Arrow, Con Air, Face/Off, Enemy at the Gates, Die Hard, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum, The Abyss, Four Lions, The House of Flying Daggers, both Bad Boys movies, Predator, Troy (director's cut), Oldboy, Pandorum, 300, Blade Runner (director's cut), Shaun of the Dead, Watchmen, all of the Tremors movies (although the first one is the best), Dog Soldiers, Near Dark, Unforgiven, all of the Mad Max movies, and probably dozens of other movies I've forgotten to mention

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