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Thread: Gametracker list on the main page

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    Gametracker list on the main page

    I was thinking about to change the gametracker server list layout on the homepage...
    BF3 is the most important game for us now so i'd like to see first the bf3 servers and then the bc2 and moh servers.

    Do you think is a good idea or maybe i'm too perfectionist

    i need your opinion cause i want to find extra job for Facehax

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    Giving Faceless an extra job is always a good idea
    Y U No give me cookies ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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    ruddy double XP events... it's like as if EA has it's period: Every month for a few days all you get is sh1t

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    where i shouldnt be, doing what i shouldn't be doing
    face will be having a 'tidy up' of the main page soon im sure
    there are a few new bits he needs to add so im sure he will do it when he has time
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    Giving Face an extra job? So that's a scheduled Timeless server crash!
    Taking the road less travelled...

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    Quote Originally Posted by radical red View Post
    Giving Face an extra job? So that's a scheduled Timeless server crash!
    Those only seem to happen at random, complete random, every time I am involved, what are the odds?

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