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    Welcome to TimelessGaming

    To the first time visitor here let us bid you welcome, here is a little about us here at Timeless.

    Timeless Gaming is a non-elitist community of gamers, mostly of the battlefield series, that is open to all and promotes a friendly, fun environment on all of our servers.
    We are not a clan but a community of like-minded gamers and many of us have played together for fun for many many years.
    We have no entrance requirements on age, gender or skill. If you want to join, we will let you. No ifs, no buts, you're in.
    Timeless Gaming wants servers full of players having fun, killing and possibly more importantly, making new friends.
    We have members from all over the world including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Greece, America, India, Australia and even the Faroe Islands...
    We appreciate any help from our community members. We listen to them and make decisions and action based on what they say. Though we have different levels of members (ranging from head admins, all the way down to regular members), we enjoy a lack of real structure and promote a friendly, balanced playing field for all members.

    Currently we run 4 Battlefield 3 servers & 4 Battlefield 4 servers

    Our ideology at Timeless is 'play hard, play fair and have fun'

    Please feel free to look around our Forums, participate in the lively chat in our shoutbox, join us in a few
    fun rounds on our servers and speak to us in-game or on our TeamSpeak 3 server

    See you on the Battlefield.....

    The TimelessGaming Crew