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  • The TimelessGaming Crew

    Due to ongoing and recent changes within the community we would like to make clear the different types of member we have here on TimelessGaming.com

    There is little or NO hierarchy to the types of members we have here.
    There are 3 tiers of responsibility for the community.
    However those responsibilities are effectively 'job's for each individual members and do not denote any seniority over any other members/groups.
    (Apart from administrators who have the final say on all issues with Timeless Gaming)

    You can see the members by type listed here

    Here is a brief description of the roles and responsibilities

    Tier 1

    Run the website and game servers.
    Have final say on all issues regarding the running and maintenance of the website and game servers.

    Tier 2

    Game Admins: Our most important members.
    Responsible for keeping the servers clear of cheats and moderating the in-game environment.

    Moderators: Have exactly the same role and responsibility as Game admins.
    With the addition that they have the job of maintaining the web-page/forums.
    Moderators are "game-admins" for the website.

    Senior Admins: Members who were once game admins but are no longer active in the servers but remain an important part of our community.
    Lending us experience with discussion topics and when important decisions need making for the community.

    Tier 3

    Advanced Members 1st Class: Key members of the community with certain in-game admins rights. (our "admins in waiting")

    Advanced Members 2nd Class: Members who have shown themselves to be key members of the community.

    Cooperation Members: Members of other Clans and Community's who coordinate efforts between our communities.
    To help stop cheats and share information in order to make game environments better for all players


    Timeless Member: How to get an higher level, read here: Timeless Member Promotion Requirements

    We hope this makes it clear for anyone who is unsure of who they are talking to.
    If you have an problem ingame, please ask a Game admin
    If you have a problem on the website, please ask a Moderator
    If you have any questions, a Senior or advanced member will be able to help you (or forward your concern to either an administrator, moderator or game admin).

    The TimelessGaming Crew
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    Comments 16 Comments
    1. Bert's Avatar
      Bert -
      Just for information lads
    1. XxXButcher's Avatar
      XxXButcher -
      I like it
      And you learned to write properly since your last front page entry
      *Gives Bert a cookie*
    1. Fehn's Avatar
      Fehn -
      looking good
    1. Speedstar1776's Avatar
      Speedstar1776 -
      Bert, you are the man!!!
    1. kurk_will_mutiny's Avatar
      kurk_will_mutiny -
    1. ooD43MONoo's Avatar
      ooD43MONoo -
      Nice job!!
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -
      Superb info
    1. f1rest@rter's Avatar
      f1rest@rter -
      well done bert. good read.
    1. rulfish's Avatar
      rulfish -
      bert thanks for the info
    1. KrazYKonG's Avatar
      KrazYKonG -
    1. EPoX's Avatar
      EPoX -
      Merci !!!! tHanks...............
    1. ravenette's Avatar
      ravenette -
      nice work bert
    1. JPM's Avatar
      JPM -
      Nice overview Thanks!
    1. Ripper's Avatar
      Ripper -
      Really nice information there.

      Along with what I've been doing I also have graphic skills into photoshoping if needed, as the rest will continue to play my roll playing on TG servers doing as much as I can to keep them clean and bring new members and also helping get servers started whenever the chance arises.
    1. JPM's Avatar
      JPM -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
      I also have graphic skills into photoshoping if needed
      I do also have quite good PS (and ID - though I doubt we'd need it) skills. Might not be as good as Rip's skills as he's doing it professional but they are decent though
    1. KrisB's Avatar
      KrisB -
      Nice info and good read