View Full Version : Loading time for maps!

19-04-2010, 13:17
I have an problem or sort of a problem i think and wonder if anyone have an good answer at it.....My loading time for a new map in between rounds SUX since i reinstalled my whole computer 1 week ago. I come in game after 10-15 sec or even more after everyone else and dont know why???? didnt have that issue before so just wanna know what makes the loading time Suck for me nowadays its gettin annyoing being last one in on every round :P PLZ help if you can...


19-04-2010, 13:46
Have you upgraded to an ATI graphics card at all?

If so some help here: http://www.timelessgaming.com/timeless/forum/showthread.php?9128-Catalyst-10.4-Drivers-Fixes-Bad-Company-2-Issue-for-Radeon-HD5000-Users&highlight=crossfire

If you've a 4*** series gfx card you'll have to wait for the full release of the 10.4 drivers ;)

19-04-2010, 15:46
after i installed the new drivers, it looks like i am always the first who join :D

19-04-2010, 16:20
Spec of your PC (RAM/CPU/HDD) will get you on the BC2 BF Earlier.

20-04-2010, 00:43
Seems like it is solved after i run that evenbalance thingy for Punkbuster due to issues with PB on BF2142 now im almost first on map.....strange but im happy :)