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26-10-2011, 15:17
Disconnected from login server

I got this always after playing 1-2 mins at server, FIX ->
1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
2. delete all files that have hosts in its name.
3. restart computer

After doing that i havent got any disconnets anymore, even as i checked the host files and there was no actual data, this still helped.

AERO theme can cause crashes and performance issues

Next will disable it during the playing.
Right click BF3.EXE -> properties -> compatibility -> disable visual themes and disable desktop composition

I gonna test this at next game, cannot see any harm about it.

Avast can cause various problems with battlelog (cannot join platoon ....) , not sure is it only the web protection part as i will close all real time checkings when i play.

Keep em coming if you have probs and find solution for it :)

26-10-2011, 18:59
Spoke to horn3t ingame earlier
He has been getting quite bad lag

He has looked into it and according to what he tried (on intel) turning off hyperthreading in BIOS can help a lot.

27-10-2011, 13:48
HAH! Ah, how I love these 'fixes'! I'm not turning off things like hyperthreading just to get 1 game working. And why should we have to turn off Aero? How about they fix the bloody game instead.

15-11-2011, 19:46
I really like that there is lots information from different graphic settings with pics to comparison. Also fps graphs about how different settings will affect it from low, med, high to ultra.

And i have had one issue with BF3, mouse fells quite odd, but i came across next and im going to test it as some people's mouse got fixed by it (bf has some acceleration issue maybe ?!?)
Open following file with notepad++
and change following settings

EDIT: tested the mouse thingy, still the same, did see any effect. There some negative acceleration, if i move mouse at "normal" speed i turn 180 degrees and if i move same distance fast i only turn around 90 degrees. i dont like it :wacko:

EDIT2: i think its going to fixed at next patch https://twitter.com/#!/Thylander/status/129472424650608640
and its not settings issue https://twitter.com/#!/Thylander/status/129610031946661888

30-03-2012, 17:22
Read that some people started to had problems after updating, so below link has quite many fixes, also for not update related.
at least for these:

The game ALWAYS crash after 2-5 minutes/pc reboot itself after 2-5 minutes
The game crash randomly after about 15/20 minutes
Get disconnected very often without a reason
EXTREME rubberbanding, mostly in Caspian Borders, Teheran Highway and Grand Bazhaar
The screen goes black and the game crashes everytime i try to join a server


30-03-2012, 19:57
All the above happened to me BEFORE the patch :D