View Full Version : N@m Kain ???

14-11-2007, 17:42
Is it real ????????????????????? lolz.........................

Why need a AFK Commander an AIMBOT ???

14-11-2007, 17:52
what is the origin of your statement?
i mean i´ve seen videos on youtube and comments beneath where they told so. but that´s ooold.

perhaps in former times where he was still playing active he used to get his ass kicked.
he was so frustrated he had to so he won´t get a purple heart in every round. :)

14-11-2007, 18:06
Maybe it's just someone using a name spoof hack, look at the guy below him, he has the exact same IP address. and since when did KAIN play on the MIA server? He's always on his N@M server.

A similar thing happened to rhinofferoce.

14-11-2007, 18:08
But it is funny !

14-11-2007, 18:10
But it is funny !

True, personally i hope it really is him.. i hope he gets his stats wiped, he certainly don't deserve number #1 spot.

14-11-2007, 18:22
i dont belive it is KAIN it is a belgium flag behind the IP and i belive he is registered as german !!

14-11-2007, 19:32
u know mikeboy71 the sc he got reset lol

14-11-2007, 19:35
i think Kain is the biggest Joke of 2142 history

14-11-2007, 19:41
Yes i agree,

without him we cant make so many jokes about him.

Pls when you play on N@M server never use TITAN GUN 7 it is reserved seat by KAIN!!

14-11-2007, 19:43
Its not possible to use gun 7 if Kain is there as he is already in this seat at game start lol

14-11-2007, 19:49
maybe he HACK looooooooooooooooooooooool

14-11-2007, 19:51
I doubt it, Kain does not cheat, surely if he did his stats would be wiped huh ? ;)

14-11-2007, 19:54
OK sry for that when i see his score is see he didnt HACK huh !!!!!

14-11-2007, 19:57
He is honest and skilled to the core, he must be to get that score, he's number one in the world, amazing guy, what a player !

14-11-2007, 20:01
Yes when i see his K/D he is a really goooooooooood player lol and the score per min wow and he play only one hour per day and be number 1 in the world!! lolz

14-11-2007, 20:07
What a great guy, he must be really proud. I wish i was him, my underwear would be cheaper for a start XXXS. Probably same size as a 5 year olds y-fronts ?


14-11-2007, 21:54
hahahahahahaha im going on there server and take the piss lol what a tosser :)

14-11-2007, 22:25
he's a total tosser and not very good. hornet you been taking those happy pills again?

I've seen him cheat first hand - didn't you see my post a few weeks ago? He also frequents knife-only servers.

Silly me forgot to screenshot it.

14-11-2007, 22:29
Nope he dont cheat.... loool Ask Ashoof he will be the judge of this....
None of the N@M cheat, none of em ! :lol:

14-11-2007, 23:35

Its a name hack. Check the IP and name of the hacker banned immediately before him.

As mentioned Kain is German and this is a Belgium IP. I have already posted a link to Fish being banned. (not, another hacker)

Would be nice but no cigar